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This dynamic duo is best for life's twosomes!

We made gunkii to save relationships - one breath at a time.

Now that you’ve found the one you want to kiss goodnight, every night, make sure to keep them in your life. Also, sharing gunkii is disgusting, not satisfying - don’t share!

Gunkii is crafted and assembled with strict attention to detail to last a very long time. It should last longer than your high school crush! Gunkii is made from non-toxic, food-safe aluminum. It is dramatically more effective than rubbing your gunk around your tongue with your toothbrush.

Here is what gunkii can do for you:

  • Scrapes toxins, bacteria and dead cells from your filthy tongue
  • Prevents and eliminates bad breath so you can make your moves with confidence
  • Enhances the taste of everything and we mean everything
  • Promotes oral and digestive health to keep you healthy and odor-free
  • Increases awareness of your oral health; when you know better, you do better